Saturday, April 18, 2009

Balenciaga Black Pumps Size 39 US 8 1/2, 9 $100

No bids on these yet, just saying.

3.1 Phillip Lim Oversized Linen Blazer

Net-a-porter had this for a sale a couple of days ago for $625, but after showing up in my inbox, this is no longer available--guess that marketing worked! I'm going to be sure to scope out H&M and Target (more my budget right now) to see if I can find an oversized blazer in a similar color. I'm obsessed with this shade of peach right now. Anyone see something similar?

The New Sam Edelman Harness Boots?

Ok, maybe not. But at least I could walk in these! On sale for $163 at

How cute is Erika though? And by 'cute' I mean totally hard rock!
In the real Sam Edelman Zoe Harness Boots on her blog at Fashion Chalet.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Get it while the getting's good.

My eBay sales are now up here. Some fun Marc by Marc Jacobs, Prada booties, Christian Louboutin sling backs, Chanel scarf, Gucci sunglasses, Balenciaga Pumps--it's all there.

Edit: for some reason all 16 items are showing up. Keep checking though if you're interested.

Love for sale.

Ok, maybe not love exactly, but I'll be listing a variety of shoes, purses, clothes, and accessories on eBay. The first up? A pair a Miu Miu ballet flats that I bought at the Miu Miu store when I was in NYC for fashion week (Feb 2009). If you're interested, check it out!

It just kind of irritates me is all.

Have you seen Who What Wear's awesome Balenciaga Inspired post? I loved it because I saw these sandals at Barneys and nearly fainted with lust. (Image credit, Who What Wear found a similar pair of Steve Madden sandals (pictured at top) which made me so incredibly happy--until I saw that they Steve Maddens were $170. Seriously? No offense, but it's Steve Madden and we're in a recession. Who's going to pay more than $100? I mean, compared to the $1200+ of the Balenciaga sandals, I suppose it's reasonable, but I'm still not paying it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gilt Sale OMFG

Christian Louboutin on sale at Noon EST. Go. Now.

(click image to go to

EDIT: Prices are like decent sale, $250-$500 or so. I won't be getting anything, but best of luck to you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mono Redux

I took last Friday off so I could have a work-free day before starting my new job Monday. (I worked Saturday and Sunday at the restaurant.) I spent most of the day shopping, but very little of the day buying. Why? With visions of monochromatic chicness in my head I went on the search for white jeans and a white blazer. I found a white blazer at Zara, but I didn't get it because frankly, I don't get Zara. Well, at least in this instance. The blazer met the basic criteria, white and slouchy, but the material was so cheap. Unfortunately, that didn't mean the blazer itself was cheap. Next item on the agenda: white jeans. I learned a very important lesson. It takes a very special pair of white jeans indeed to look good on a chubby kid. Strike two.

I headed into Saks a bit defeated, but I decided to see if they randomly got another shipment in of the Elizabeth & James blazer I was dreaming of. Alas, no, but an amazing sales associate (also named Nicole) tracked down one (of three size 10s in the company!) and it is now on it's way to little old me.

Guess I'll have to screw up my confidence and try again with the jeans.

Love luxe leather

I'm not always good at discovering new designers, so I definitely like it when I get a little help. I'm so excited to find handbag designer Rachel Nasvik. Click the image above to head to her site (which incidentally, is beautiful in its own right).

And then, buy me this, the Tabitha Bag 08 for $250. That leather is epic. Obsessed with the brown, which is sold out, sadly. Or maybe happily, as it's April 1 and no joke, rent is due.