Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mono Redux

I took last Friday off so I could have a work-free day before starting my new job Monday. (I worked Saturday and Sunday at the restaurant.) I spent most of the day shopping, but very little of the day buying. Why? With visions of monochromatic chicness in my head I went on the search for white jeans and a white blazer. I found a white blazer at Zara, but I didn't get it because frankly, I don't get Zara. Well, at least in this instance. The blazer met the basic criteria, white and slouchy, but the material was so cheap. Unfortunately, that didn't mean the blazer itself was cheap. Next item on the agenda: white jeans. I learned a very important lesson. It takes a very special pair of white jeans indeed to look good on a chubby kid. Strike two.

I headed into Saks a bit defeated, but I decided to see if they randomly got another shipment in of the Elizabeth & James blazer I was dreaming of. Alas, no, but an amazing sales associate (also named Nicole) tracked down one (of three size 10s in the company!) and it is now on it's way to little old me.

Guess I'll have to screw up my confidence and try again with the jeans.


Veronica said...

You know, when you first brought up the idea of an all-white ensemble, I was iffy...but now that I think about it, it sounds cool and a little futuristic. It reminds me of this article I read years and years ago in which Angelina Jolie admitted to only wearing all black, or all white. I thought it was the coolest.

On that same note, Madewell has been really pushing their white jeans lately...have you tried those?

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