Friday, October 31, 2008

Celebrating 150th post with Uncle Karl!

Happy Halloween!!

Just a tease.

This is the best Halloween costume I've ever had.

I'm so, so thankful to Colin, for sending me a link. Literally, I have this mastered. I can even feel my posture changing.

Pictures TK.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sometimes is jealous of 13 year olds...

So, I was just reading a story on Daily Mail Online via The Cut blog, and I have to say, I'm in awe of the 13-year-0ld they profiled who is usually bedecked in a variety of designer clothing that she mixes "with [pieces from] High Street shops, such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters, to create a really eye-catching and individual look," Scarlett Lesley told the Daily Mail.

(Photo credit: Daily Mail Online; L-R. Phaedra Peer 19, Polly West 19, Scarlett Lesley 13, Marianne Thomas 18.)

Bitch on the end (left) has my purse! Whatevs, I'm going to appreciate it more when I pay for that sucker with cash. You know, in 2048.

Also, did anyone else hear that Chanel is going to raise their prices by 20% in November? Yeah, apparently they didn't get the memo. Check out Madison Avenue Spy for the scoop.

Oh Saks, what are you doing to me?!

So I've been on a quest to replace my skinny black jeans. I've always coveted the Marc by Marc coated jeans (made to look like leather). They're now on sale. As is the blazer pictured.

Will. not. buy. these. things.

(Amber loves gratuitous punctuation.)

Sale day for La Petite Demoiselle

HauteLook is having an amazing DecadesTwo sale. Of course, it's still out of my budget now that I've given up my credit card, but some of these designer things are lovely and um, reasonable?

Oh, if only I wasn't trying to be responsible. From top: YSL oversize T-shirt, YSL vest, Marc Jacobs dress, Lanvin top.

Email for an invite.

Marc by Marc on sale at Ideeli.

Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes are currently on sale at (ok, it starts in an hour and a half for 2nd row members). There prices hover around the $185 mark, (loafers shown $165) which isn't bad, but doesn't make me sweat with anxious joy. That could be because I can't ever fit my wide feet in Marc by Marc shoes (even when they are having there semi-annual 70% off sale).

Email me for an invite.

EDIT: Thanks anonymous HauteLook employed commenter. Not that I care either way, for accuracies sake I would like to note that one must only pay for a first row Ideeli membership. Second row is free.

Gilt-y as charged!

I almost forgot. Gilt is having a clearance sale of past designers. Today, clothes; tomorrow, accessories.

Done and done.

If you're not a member, email me for an invite, nicole.d.pittman (at) gmail (dot) com.

What the hey?!

More Rebecca Minkoff! According to the headlines from WWD Headlines she's starting her on sportswear line.


In other news, everyone matches in my department today in shades of black, gray, and tan. We're very chic in production.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I love you Tim Gunn, but I'm still sad.

Does anyone else watch Tim Gunn's Guide to Style? I've been watching it, and I have to say, I quite like it. Tim and co-host Gretta make a lot of sense--especially with Tim's list of 10 essential items. I also have to giggle a little because Gretta owns the salon I frequent, and I've met her before when she was filming for Rachel Ray. I was filmed getting a manicure, but I don't know if that part ever made it to air.

Anyway, why am I sad? Because when Caroline visited InStyle they gave her a Rebecca Minkoff clutch that they were all like, a gift from the designer?! Rebecca Minkoff ought to give me a gift--the purse strap I ordered SIX MONTHS AGO. I mean, seriously, what the heck?! Ok, it's only been four months or so, but still! They certainly didn't taket that long to run my credit card.

So love to Tim Gunn; boo to Rebecca Minkoff.

House of Harlow 1960 by Nicole Richie

I just saw on The Cut (via Nitro:licious) that Nicole Richie's jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960, has gone on sale on Kitson's website. The stuff isn't bad, and more importantly, reasonably priced. Well, for the most part. Exhibit A: This ring for $12.
On the higher end of the spectrum is Exhibit B, a leather cuff--I'd be into it, but I'm really into silver, pewter, hematite types of colors and not gold. Since I'm not in love with it, I will not be pre-ordering for $125; it's definitely cute though! All in all, I have to say, well played Nicole Richie.

Dream Outfit du Lanphear

wishlist by ndpittman

Click image for item info.

My love of Kate Lanphear grows daily.

Seriously, can someone just follow her around to get pics of what she's wearing daily? Ok, maybe that's creepy. Until then, I'm dreaming about a TopShop sleeveless blazer to add to my KL wear.

(Photo credit: Topshop; pud pud's photo stream on

Will you be mine?

I'm kind of obsessed right now with high heeled boots. I really, really want these. I'm going to check out Nine West to see if they have them in store. I mean, I'll need something to hold me over until Christmas...

Funny story. I sent the pic to Amber and I was afraid she'd be like those are hideous! (Remember the sequins debate of '08?) But I was surprised that she actually liked them. Yep, going to check this out tonight...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Speaking of weddings...

Pour example:

Gossip Girl

What did you think of Lil J's new look?

I thought she looked A-mazing. A little too much with the eye makeup, but girl's hot.

And the kiss? Swoon and shut up.

So jelly, Lil J. Nicely played.

I'm searching for pics now.

That wedding we've been talking about

You know, the one we've dubbed Most Stylish Wedding Ever? Well here it is:

Some people (read: mother-in-law) were concerned when they found out I was letting my bridesmaids pick their own dresses. But please, do you think I would do such a thing if I didn't completely trust their taste in fashion? Actually, do you think I'd even have bridesmaid-worthy friends whose wardrobes I didn't adore?

I actually gave them about 12 different colors to choose from, and they individually (they all live in separate cities) came up with this little entourage. I love it!!

We did our own flowers (yay LA Flower Mart!).

Always stylish: Mariachi pants.
Oh yeah, the guys looked alright too. Actually their ties matched the girls' dresses! How cute is that.
And can't forget our uber-stylish, Johnny-Cash-look-a-like wedding officiant. Hooray for the internet (where he got ordained the week before)!Ah, love.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It could have been worse

I could have asked her for these!

Or these!

(Photo credit: Top, Balmain on; Bottom, Gucci on

I know it's bad, but...

I just put these on my wishlist for and sent it to my mom.

Yes, I'm 26. I'm sure she was going to get me something for Christmas anyway though.

Must. Remain. In. Control.

Just got my Shop It To Me salemail for the day... Must stay strong...

(Photo credit: top image; all others,

EDIT: I just talked to my dad who told me a story about passing up an $8 pair of jeans at Wal-Mart: "They were my size, but I reckon I don't need another pair of jeans..." Yeah, maybe I don't need those Marc by Marc beauties... Then again, maybe I do.

You betcha!

Maybe if Sarah Palin would have known about the sample sale, she wouldn't have spent $150,000!

Yeah, I said it.

Check out for up to 90% off! Or look don't touch like me. Le sigh.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The only good thing about Stylista?

(Photo credit: xxccxxxccccccxxxx via flickr)

It's kind of funny to me that for how many times I've told my story of why I moved to Boston, I've never made mention here. Maybe because I don't go for the personal on this blog, unless it's what I've worn on that day (or a few days previously). Anyway, I moved to Boston from Wheeling, WV, so I could attend the MA in Publishing and Writing program at Emerson College. During my junior year (undergrad at West Liberty State College--Go Hilltoppers!...?) I was kind of at a loss for what direction I wanted to take, but I knew I didn't want to lose my health insurance, so grad school seemed like the obvious choice. I was surprised to find a program like Emerson's in that you could concentrate on the publishing industry, but the classes still had a creative bent. It also made my dreams seem attainable, namely, working in magazine publishing.

I've been a compulsive magazine reader from the tender age of 8 with my first subscriptions to Ranger Rick and Barbie. After that came Teen, Seventeen, Sassy (for a little bit anyway), and eventually Mademoiselle, Glamour, and my mom's Cosmo which she hid under the bed. Currently I subscribe to Vogue (American and French), Domino, Lucky, Allure, Elle, Nylon, and the New Yorker (and one day I'm going to actually read it!). I also pick up fairly regularly InStyle, Marie Claire, Planet, Stop Smiling, and Esopus. I've been looking for Amelia, but I haven't been able to find it lately. All right, all right, you get the point.

So I was thinking that I would LOVE Stylista. Those idiotic twats wouldn't last one day working for a magazine. Forget all the fashion nonsense, those kids are dumber than a bag of rocks.

It's funny to me, because while I try to be critical on the blog, I try not to be negative. I mean, the Fug Girls have cornered that market, so I try not to be "oh no you didn't!" But give me a break.

When Kate Lanphear was announced as the guest judge for the week though, I literally gasped! She is the epitome of chic, and she's one of my biggest influences.

Yeah, I'll probably keep watching, but not only I was not inspired on a sartorial level, I was disgusted by the triviality. Srsly. Did anyone else watch? What are your opinions?

Soap box much? Sorry for the rant and the quietness on the blog as of late. No, I didn't get anything at the YSL sale on Rue La La--I forgot about it! Can you believe that? There was one tiny purse that I would have been interested in, but it was still a little pricey. I did get a pair of Wolford leggings from today's sale though (purple lace!) that I'm hoping to pair with a black jersey dress and blazer a la Lanphear. We'll see.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I was browsing Saks online (preparing for a very short trip after work to use my friends and family card--must have game plan! I have a specific budget!) Anyway, I happened upon an old friend, so I thought I'd post it. Has anyone else seen former Top Models around? I also thought I spotted Naimi in the Project Runway finale as one of the models that wasn't picked, and Dani was definitely there wearing a lovely green dress for Korto. I know it's kind of silly, but it really makes me happy to see these girls working.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

QVC, really?

Speaking of a good reason to shop, did anyone catch the FFANY shoe sale on QVC? I made the mistake of calling my mom while it was on, and instead of talking to me, she just kept rattling off names and descriptions of shoes. If you're interested in anything that's left, check it out on My pick? Possibly a pair of the Doc Martens. (Sorry for the image quality--it was very small. Click it to go to a larger version.

The selection is really limited, and this sale usually goes quickly--and thank goodness! Visit the website for a list of beneficiaries.

Saks Friends and Family

There are a lot of reasons to shop in October. Aiding the economy? Supporting a good cause? I've received several incentives from Saks Fifth Avenue, and I thought I would share. First, they are donating 2% of this weekend's sales to the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Research Fund. They're having a Friends and Family Sale, too.
Click the picture for more information about Saks' and Mercedes-Benz's efforts.

If you're shopping online, simply enter SAKSFF8 or SAKSFF2; if you'd like to shop in store, let me know, and I can forward you an email to print.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rachel Zoe and My Rock Star Style

Last night was the finale of the Rachel Zoe Project, and I have to say, she really endeared herself to me with the line, "You got me Dylan McKay's car?"

I love how she just piles on jewelry, and while I'd have to start slowly, I must say I'm inspired.

Rock by ndpittman

STFU Rue La La!!

So far, it's been pretty easy to be good. One dress, possibly a pair of purple tights, nothing bad...until...

Rue La La is going to have a YSL boutique.

Yes, you heard me right. Rue La La, Yves Saint F-ing Laurent!

Starting October 21, 2008 at 11:00 AM EST.

Email me for an invite (nicole.d.pittman (at) gmail (dot) com). This may be my favorite shopping community, and even if you aren't into these kind of things, it's super fun to go in and look.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What I've been wearing

Scarf: Ann Taylor
Blazer: Kookai
Blouse: Anthropologie
Jeans: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Boots: Fiorentini + Baker

Trench: A.P.C.
Cardigan: Ann Taylor
T-shirt: ?
Jeans: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Juicy Couture
Glasses: Chanel

Ta-Da! The new glasses. I'm getting used to them; at first they seemed massive.

Also, sorry for the random image quality; I'm trying to teach myself Photoshop/I haven't figured out the timer on the digital SLR.

Friday, October 10, 2008

First stop, RueLaLa

I've been good. I really have. I couldn't tear myself away from another Marc by Marc Jacobs sale (this time at I made a reasonable decision, however, one dress, and I am able to pay in cash. Sure, I had to take the cash from my savings account, but I think it was worth it for a dress that it so, so me.

Besides, I'm not only supporting a local business, I'm supporting the economy! Er, something...

Thursday, October 9, 2008


If you haven't heard of it, Shop It To Me is a really fun service. I've been left cold by them in the past, but truly, I blame Bluefly--you know how they've done me wrong. Anyway, here are some super pretty things that I learned of from my salemail today:
And one I could actually probably afford if I didn't get sushi delivered last night:

(Click images to go to the site.)

(Photo Credit: dresses,; cardigan,