Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Stephanie, is your insides black too?" Maybe!

What I wore tonight while having half a bottle of wine and eating lots of home cookin' with my lady friends...

Sorry it's blurry but I had a lot of glasses of wine.

My Outfit

Black Jumpsuit
Black Shiny Leggings
Nine West Platform Boots
Checkered Bracelet
Casio Watch
G1 Phone
Dark Lipstick

Here's another pic:

Tonight, I went goth.

And because I'm silly:

Tonight, I went goth but then added a silly hat

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

All of my favorite things at once.

Via Stylesightings

Karl Lagerfeld sunnies at

Karl Lagerfeld Havana PARIS $60 at

You're killing me SaleMail!

Ok, this too.

Elizabeth and James Corset Skirt on sale at for $73.50.


I try not to get to personal on this blog, and stick to fashion only. That being said, I thought I'd just let you know that I recently was laid off. It's the way the world is going, and I definitely don't have hard feelings. If I did have a job, I would definitely be buying a Robert Rodriguez Fitted Double Knit Dress from

Guess I just keep looking at all the great sales ShopItToMe has sent me, because hopefully, I'll find something soon.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thanks, Amber! Thanks class action lawsuit!

Have you purchased department store cosmetics from May 29, 1994 through July 16, 2003? Well you may be entitled to some free stuff!

Amber sent me a link to a story on a Law Blog post regarding a price-fixing settlement.
The offer is part of an agreement to settle a suit filed in 2003 in a California federal court that alleged the stores tried to limit sales and scale back on the amount of cosmetics in their inventory, keeping both prices and competition high. The department stores — which also include Bergdorf Goodman, Bergner’s, Bloomingdale’s, Boston Store, Carson Pirie Scott, Dillard’s, Gottschalks, Herberger’s, Neiman Marcus, Parisian, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Younkers — have denied any wrongdoing.

Visit to see what items are available for free--beginning today, Jan 20, and lasting for 7 days while supplies last.

Hahahahaha! Lauren Conrad on sale; oh hautelook, you make me LOL.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Is it wrong?

I kind of feel evil right now, like someone is down, and I'm going straight for the kill. I couldn't help thinking of the massive sale possibilities though when I read in the WWD headlines that is slowly leaving the retail game. to Shutter Retail Operation

by Julee Kaplan

Posted Friday January 09, 2009

From WWD Issue 01/09/2009, the designer e-commerce site launched in June 2000 by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, will close the retail portion of the site over the next six months.

Alix Golightly

If you haven't read The Cherry Blossom Girl, she has an amazing Breakfast at Tiffany's post worth checking out. It's one of my favorite blogs anyway for the styling, photographic, and dreamlike quality overall.

Oh the learnin' a happenin' today!

The Daily Beast's Year in Fashion Disasters by Renata Espinosa is pretty funny, although I have to say, I still like boxy t-shirts and latex leggings. I didn't even know about bikini jeans though!
I mean, holy hell! I also learned about the TFP Manifesto. I like seeing someone more bothered by this than me.

Source: The Daily Beast via Farpitzs

Can this garment be saved? - The Boston Globe

Can this garment be saved? - The Boston Globe

I'm really glad to see this article. I've been taking special care of my clothes now that I'm putting more money into them, and I think it's important to repair things and to have them tailored to fit if possible. (Usually this just means getting pants hemmed for me, but I got this amazing Marc by Marc pencil skirt on sale, and it was just a little big. I got it tailored so it sits right around my natural waist and is perfect!)

Via New Brahmin

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Need to follow Stephanie's regime!

This is what I almost wore on Thursday. I decided that I didn't like the t-shirt with the jacket, and that I didn't want a short jacket with the jeans, so I changed everything.
(Outfit details: blazer, Walter; jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs; t-shirts, J. Crew and Gap.)

So I changed into a long gray t-shirt and longer black blazer. I haven't worn the Walter jacket yet, but I think I'm going to have to do it with a high-waisted pencil skirt or something, because the cropped isn't nice with jeans.

(Outfit details: blazer, The Limited; t-shirt, Gap; shoes, Colin Stuart for Victoria's Secret--yes, I got them!)

Sorry for the lousy image quality. Wilson even took the last one! I'm definitely working on it. I also have to start exercising like our own demoiselle, Stephanie. Both outfits would have looked a lot better if I paunch was a bit smaller/flatter. I try not to beat myself up about it though, because I'm definitely an advocate of hot fashion at any size.

I touched this last night.

Couldn't justify spending the rent on boots, even if they are amazing Christian Louboutin boots on sale in my size.

Find the Forever Tina boot at Barney's reduced $789.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Not fashion, per se...

But I love when people graffiti with stickers. This is particularly awesome:

Someone added stickers to a poster in Berlin mimicking a photoshop screen. Click for a larger image.
From Flicker via The Cut.

Too Cute, Simon!

Simon Doonan's Barneys Babble today gets points from me because of a Madame Cleo reference. Click the image to go to the page.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Recent Equation

Weight Loss + Hot New Fashion = Self-Esteem Boost - $$$

My outfits recently have been deemed "sophisticated" and "more stylish" and "professional" and even "sexy." I think it's funny considering, all I'm doing is putting more effort into my appearance. I wear too much black, gray, red, and purple. And I'm wearing the same three pairs of amazingly comfortable heels. Metal chain bracelets adorn my wrists. People at work are going to start calling me "metal."Sorry, no photos. I don't have a cute boyfriend to take snapshots.

Tonight, I bought things I'd normally never buy. Wet look leggings and a jumpsuit. Uh oh. But whatever, I feel like a rock star whenever I wear them and I've already constructed many outfits. I'm going to look so good walking down the streets of San Francisco. Maybe then, I'll catch the eye of a cute boy who will want to date me and take my outfit snapshots.

This weekend, I'll be in New York. More fashion updates, later!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have you joined Ideeli?

If not, click here to sign up and enter to win this Valentino Bow Satchel.

Outfit posts?

I decided that I ought to start posting outfits. Of course, I have only felt like wearing super comfortable clothes that verge on bovine. Oh well.

I was having some kind of issue yesterday, may have been from a late night of Excite Truck...

This morning I'm feeling a bit more jovial though.

(Top picture: cardigan and tube top (yes, I said tube top), Target; jeans, Calvin Klein; shoes, Nine West. Bottom Picture: sweater, Bluefly (Acrobat or something, eh, it was cheap); undershirt, Gap; pants, Joie; sneakers, Converse.)

Baggy and comfy--we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yes, please!

Lanvin Ballet Flats top turquoise cloth $421.91, and nude leather $395.12 at the Colette eShop.

I just wonder what the shipping would be...

Sorting through Google Reader

I love Google Reader, but when I get behind, it gives me a lot of anxiety. I currently have 780 unread posts--yikes! I was flipping through some on a tea break this morning, when I saw this lovely picture on Jak & Jil Blog. I'm stupid for Tommy's photography!

If you need a cute watch...

Ideeli is having a Marc by Marc Jacobs sale starting shortly. Their selection is limited, but the prices are competitive with Fossil.

White Large Square Watch $78

Red Heart Necklace I $49

Monday, January 12, 2009

Marc by Marc exception

If you're interested in a select few Marc by Marc pieces (primarily the logo print cotton items, but selection may depend on location) on Net-A-Porter, you may want to check one of the Marc by Marc boutiques first where they had dresses and shorts for $25. The last time I was there (Newbury St location) they had a pretty big selection left.

Additional 20% off Net-A-Porter sale!

Friday, January 9, 2009

ideeli red sale

Andrea Brueckner Black ASPEA $139

Ideeli Red Sale is going on now, with reductions up to 90%. This is what I would be getting if I had anything to spare.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shopping break?

On a whim, I've decided to make a day trip to New York in February, and I'm going to try to not buy anything before then. I don't know how well it'll work--especially with some amazing Gryson pieces on sale on

Hudson Laceup $188

KAOS 2.0 MIA $278



How to search the Saks sale.

I found this skirt when I limited by my size (10) and color (black) because let's face it, if I did have money to buy something, it'd be black or gray. After searching, you can then sort your results from price low to high. Superb.

Abaeté Cromwell Matelessé Skirt $62.95 on

Amazing sale!

For real. Click the image or post title to go to the website. Sort by priced low to high, and be amazed. There's an Elizabeth and James tank that I really want, but when I try to select size, nothing drops down. I'm tempted to call, but I might just dig through racks at the local store tonight.

Elizabeth and James Tank, $19 on

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Your fashion secret

VOGUEITE writes about a great post on inspired by Post Secret--do you have any fashion related secrets?

And this one really caught my eye:

#6 I would literally give up most anything for a chanel classic mini flap bag

What would I give up for the same bag?

Friday, January 2, 2009


Charles David Marisa Ankle Boots at

I'm becoming predictable.

There are several things that stood out in the Marie Claire article to me, but one thing that I noted to look up were the Chinese Laundry shoes on page 81.

I like the subtle differences between these and similar styles, most notably the woven leather--makes it looks a little more rich or something.

Do you buy multiples of similar styles of shoes that you like or do you like to have loads of different styles, colors, materials?

March is far away. January 2009's Marie Claire is au courant.

Hopefully I'll be able to justify getting one of those fancy shmancy printer, copier, scanner jobs for my birthday. Until then, more random snapshots.

I picked up Marie Claire for the airplane, but of course I was grumpy then slept instead of reading or doing anything even as pseudo-productive as reading a magazine.

Flipping through it today, I was super-impressed with a fashion feature photographed by Kelly Klein, fashion editor Zanna Roberts. I can't find much on Roberts besides the fact that she was promoted at Marie Claire to a senior fashion editor (from fashion editor) from WWD via Media Bistro.

The feature is called Perfect 10, "Put a 2009 spin on your top 10 timeless pieces with a pair of hotttie black heels and rocker jewelry. (Think chains, chains, chians...)" reads the subhead. I can't help thinking it's flawless. Cheers to you Zanna Roberts and Marie Claire.

Click images to enlarge to read.