Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Recent Equation

Weight Loss + Hot New Fashion = Self-Esteem Boost - $$$

My outfits recently have been deemed "sophisticated" and "more stylish" and "professional" and even "sexy." I think it's funny considering, all I'm doing is putting more effort into my appearance. I wear too much black, gray, red, and purple. And I'm wearing the same three pairs of amazingly comfortable heels. Metal chain bracelets adorn my wrists. People at work are going to start calling me "metal."Sorry, no photos. I don't have a cute boyfriend to take snapshots.

Tonight, I bought things I'd normally never buy. Wet look leggings and a jumpsuit. Uh oh. But whatever, I feel like a rock star whenever I wear them and I've already constructed many outfits. I'm going to look so good walking down the streets of San Francisco. Maybe then, I'll catch the eye of a cute boy who will want to date me and take my outfit snapshots.

This weekend, I'll be in New York. More fashion updates, later!


Nicole said...

I want wet look leggings, too! Oh man, you're going to be super hott in NYC!

Anna said...

What a great buys! I love the jumsuit!