Friday, January 2, 2009

March is far away. January 2009's Marie Claire is au courant.

Hopefully I'll be able to justify getting one of those fancy shmancy printer, copier, scanner jobs for my birthday. Until then, more random snapshots.

I picked up Marie Claire for the airplane, but of course I was grumpy then slept instead of reading or doing anything even as pseudo-productive as reading a magazine.

Flipping through it today, I was super-impressed with a fashion feature photographed by Kelly Klein, fashion editor Zanna Roberts. I can't find much on Roberts besides the fact that she was promoted at Marie Claire to a senior fashion editor (from fashion editor) from WWD via Media Bistro.

The feature is called Perfect 10, "Put a 2009 spin on your top 10 timeless pieces with a pair of hotttie black heels and rocker jewelry. (Think chains, chains, chians...)" reads the subhead. I can't help thinking it's flawless. Cheers to you Zanna Roberts and Marie Claire.

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