Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years, New Celebrations

Happy New Years! 2009 FTW! My only resolution this year is to try to become better at keeping in contact with people. I'm just awful at it. My life goal is to lose weight/get healthy/look freaking fabulous. But you know, that's just an every day thing.

My New Years Eve was uneventful and I passed out before 10PM, but I dressed for success in my outfit. I was the best dressed in the Hollywood Themed Party. Yeah, I said it. The only action I received all night was from my good friend, Sarah's whippet mix puppy named Mocha. Please excuse the cheesy grin. I never take serious photos.

The only action I got all night

Dress: Tuxedo Dress in Graffiti Rose Print, Richard Chai for Target
Necklace: Jib and Genoa
Ring: Potluck Paris
Bracelet: Potluck Paris
Watch: Vintage Casio Calculator Watch
Zipper Heels: Carlos Santana (These are seriously the most comfortable heels ever!)
Drink: Jameson on the Rocks
Cute Dog: Mocha!

Today, I am wearing studded black jeans, silky red shift shirt, vermeil pyrite ring by Pade Vavre, hoops by Banana Republic, and motorcycle boots. I'm also sporting a new mani/pedi in purple shade from OPI. I'm rocking the smokey eye. And where am I going tonight? I am going to the gym. At least, I'll look fabulous and edgy. Despite that it's cold, wet, and foggy in San Francisco today. Happy New Years, y'all! I hope you had a fabulous celebration.


Nicole said...

Yea! You look beautiful!!!

What kind of jeans are those you mention wearing today?

Stephanie said...

These are my jeans:

New York and Company City Style Stovepipe Jean. The only thing that sucks is that it picks up lint like crazy.