Saturday, November 22, 2008

IDK, my BFF Stylista?

Have you been watching Stylista? It's horrible, and yet, I can't stop watching it. Last week the challenge was straight from The Devil Wears Prada. Elle Fashion News Editor Anne Slowey and Creative Director Joe Zee required the contestants to identify party guests as they came to greet Anne.

As far as the teams' performance went, it was night and day. While I find Johanna fascinating, she and her team of Danielle and Kate (Boobs) really stunk up the party. When something is your job, you just can't say, "I don't know." Rule one.

For the editorial challenge they had to make a party page featuring photos of the guests, something to make the reader feel like he or she had a secret window into the soiree. Which leads us to rule two: Fact check. The computers that they have to do their layouts--no internet? Were they not allowed to keep their binders of the guests? Both teams had inaccuracies in the editorial challenge, but Johanna's team completely misidentified someone. (Dyshaun's team misspelled a name.) I was said to see Danielle go, but I was glad it wasn't Johanna, because despite an incredible poor showing this past week, and I think she has a great deal of professional potential. I actually think Danielle has a lot of potential, too--she seems very young though. She seems like she has a good head on her shoulders, and she's able to work with what her mamma gave her. And of course Kate didn't go home, because girlfriend has magic boobs made of Teflon to deflect all blame.
Oh, and what would the post be without a couple of gratuitous shots of Kate Lanphear and the notable fashion photographer Mr. Nigel Barker.

What are they going to do with that giant gaping hole?

I saw a WWD headline that piqued my interest today:

Financing Woes Halt $700M Boston Project

I've been passing this area everyday when I walk to work from the train, and I have to admit, I had no idea what they were planning exactly. I'm still hoping for a Target.

Wall Street’s implosion has blown a hole in the $700 million development of the former Filene’s site in the heart of the city.

The One Franklin project — retail, upscale condos and a hotel — was to anchor a revitalized Downtown Crossing, a district that 130,000 people pass through daily. But developers Vornado Realty Trust and Gale International are unable to meet financing goals and are suspending activity at the site, where a crater several stories deep has been excavated.


On another note, does anyone subscribe to Women's Wear Daily? I don't know what I think; it's a lot more expensive than a US magazine subscription, but it's daily...

Where you at?

Sorry for the delay in posting; it's been a legit crazy could of weeks. Although I've been absent from the interwebs, I've been attempting to lead a fashionable existence, even if it just means wearing silly high heels at work. I've been rather economic as of late, but when I saw this Botkier rex small shoulder bag for $135 on ShopBop, I couldn't resist. It's sold out in black, but they still have the metallic.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm kicking myself...

I can't stop thinking about those Colin Stuart studded booties. Why?! Didn't I buy them. I can find no studded booties for under $800.


First film stills!

via The Cut

I cannot WAIT for Coco Avant Chanel. Seriously. Audrey Tatou as Coco Chanel. The excitement is almost unbearable. I guess I'll just keep watching that other Chanel biopic in the meantime.

I know I said, but just listen, ok?

When I made mention of the semi-annual sale, I had my mind practically made up on a lady like bag, like what I've been pining over for ages. Then, I saw something else, and now, I'm not sure what to do. It's about the same price (not that I have the coin to spare, but that's not my biggest point in this post), but should I pick the bag I've been thinking about for a while, or one that would match my current aesthetic?

I geez, I just saw they have a studded cuff in the jewelry sale.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Just wondering...

Does anyone subscribe to InStyle magazine? I have a geeky production question if you are a subscriber.

Let me know!

Muito obrigada!

Elizabeth and James on HauteLook!

In time to celebrate Obama's resounding win (please, please vote!), Elizabeth and James will be on sale on HauteLook! Remember, when you order, it will take about six weeks to receive everything, but Elizabeth and James on sale? Yes and yes. I hope they have a black boyfriend blazer.

Also, Ideeli will be having a semi-annual sale on November 6! And they have something I've been looking for the last couple of weeks (months?) a ladylike handbag!

(Photo credit: Elizabeth and James James Blazer,; Andrea Brueckner ASPEA bag,

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saks sale online--strategy!

While I'm not buying anything today, I did discover the best way to search on the website if I were, so I thought I would share it. First I went to the sale (40-60% off select women's apparel and outwear! a recent email states). I limited my results to women's apparel, then selected my size, so I wouldn't have that heartache of seeing THEBESTDEALEVER that only comes in a size 2. Then, given my current economic status, I decided to limit the results further to show me only those items (women's apparel in my size) that are under $100. I'm happy to say there were three pages of things for me to peruse (I set the number at 36 per page which is also changeable). Additionally, you can set the items to be displayed by price. If I were buying anything right now, it would most likely be a Vince button down white shirt, just because I'd like to get a nice one that's all fresh and new. The one I wore for my costume last night has some kind of stain on the cuff. I have one that I got at H&M, but the material doesn't have that rigid structure of a nice, crisp white shirt. I'm wondering about how this one would fit though, so I won't be buying online. I may check to see if they have it in store though...maybe...