Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saks sale online--strategy!

While I'm not buying anything today, I did discover the best way to search on the website if I were, so I thought I would share it. First I went to the sale (40-60% off select women's apparel and outwear! a recent email states). I limited my results to women's apparel, then selected my size, so I wouldn't have that heartache of seeing THEBESTDEALEVER that only comes in a size 2. Then, given my current economic status, I decided to limit the results further to show me only those items (women's apparel in my size) that are under $100. I'm happy to say there were three pages of things for me to peruse (I set the number at 36 per page which is also changeable). Additionally, you can set the items to be displayed by price. If I were buying anything right now, it would most likely be a Vince button down white shirt, just because I'd like to get a nice one that's all fresh and new. The one I wore for my costume last night has some kind of stain on the cuff. I have one that I got at H&M, but the material doesn't have that rigid structure of a nice, crisp white shirt. I'm wondering about how this one would fit though, so I won't be buying online. I may check to see if they have it in store though...maybe...

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