Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are you in it to win it?

Chickdowntown.com Sponsored Giveaway!


So you have to give Chickdowntown.com some respect. They may be the hardest working online retailer in the blogosphere. And they are letting me do something I've always wanted to do--give something to YOU!

I love this BB DAKOTA Battalion Jacket in Black, and I hope you will, too*! I have been seeing it everywhere, and I know one of my readers will make it a fall wardrobe staple.

*If this particular item is sold out in the winner's size, you can choose any item from BB Dakota instead.

Shop BB Dakota at Chickdowntown.com for cute and affordable dresses, tops and skirts. They also have a great selection of Hudson jeans. Be sure to add them on Facebook and Twitter for more giveaways and sales!

The giveaway is limited to US residents only because Chickdowntown.com can only ship within the states.

How to Enter
Just leave a comment with your email and why you'd like this jacket, how you'd wear it. And anything else to make me laugh, as I'm home with a strep throat.

Contest open until August 18, 2009.


Amber said...

AWESOME choice. i wish i didn't contribute to this blog every 100 days so i could enter the contest too!

sara said...

okay, so, i played trumpet in the marching band for all four years of high school.

my band professor had it out for me and i never had any idea why. how did i know? whenever we would go out to the football field to practice for any upcoming games, without fail, all four years of high school, i would be placed next to the tallest trumpet player in the section. at 4'10", i struggled to keep up with the 6'5" bro next to me. on the end, i would scurry up and down the field, taking ten steps for every one of his strides.

thus, i think that if i were to win this fabulous bandleader jacket, i would regain a bit of the dignity that was lost.

Stephanie said...

why i should win this? i live in san francisco and it's always cold. EVEN IN THE SUMMER TIME. did i ever tell you the story of when i moved here in the middle of winter? well, i came here from arizona, excited to be in better weather, only to be reminded that i was not prepared. coming from 90 degrees to 40 degrees was quite a difference. i didn't even own a hoodie, jacket, coat, etc.

so keep me warm, year round. then, i can rock it with ankle boots, leggings, big chain bracelets, and my favorite teeshirt.

BLUB LOVE said...
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BLUB LOVE said...

before i blossomed into a young edgy lady, i was an awkward geeky girl in middle school. in 5th grade, i played the cello and was horrible at it... had to haul it an hour commute home every day. hated the sounds it produced too... only chose it to be attached with my friends at the hip. now, being the independent lady that i am, i NEED this pretty jacket! Pretty please! all eyes will be on me at Boston University. i wanna stand out, with over 34,000 students there with my cool threads... and SF's winter got NOTHING on Boston's winter, ya dig...

i love this jacket because im big on gold embroidery. "flashy but classy" are 2 words to describe my personal style. the 1st way i'd wear this jacket if i won it would be with light washed skinny jeans, a white wifebeater, and black caged YSL-esque heels (i say "-esque" because im too broke to buy clothing despite working 2 jobs). i need a break from digging through the salvation army's-- THAT'S why i need the hook up

Vicky (=

JP said...

Because this has "make an outfit that looks like you just broke into Balmain's warehouse and jacked all the awesome pieces" all over it. It's fierce.


c said...

i would love to win this jacket because one it is beautiful and second I need a jacket because frankly, Florida is just too cold w/o one.


Chris said...

Aww I hope you feel better! I would love to win this because it is such an awesome jacket and a wonderful tribute to the King of Pop. It is also totally on trend and I would love to wear it! Thanks! my email is wizfoe35@yahoo.com

Mariko said...

I'm sorry you have a sore throat!!! You know what would make you feel better? Seeing me wear this lovely jacket.
I can outdo most of the other band geeks in that not only was I in band during high school, but I also marched all through college...
This jacket, although there is a slight resemblance to band uniforms, is a step in the right direction, as I have taken the plunge to move to NYC and should probably upgrade my wardrobe from the juniors department at kohls (no joke) to something to get me noticed in the city!

Amy said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and offering us a chance on winning!