Monday, November 9, 2009

S'Up Marc Jacobs Hanbags and ShopBop Giveaway!

marc jacobs handbags

Holla at ya girl. Who has your back? Or, um, is holding your stuff? Maybe you'd prefer to carry your stuff in a nice Marc Jacobs handbag? Hmmm??! Today, we're (Amber is voting in on this one) giving out a $100 instant gift card to one lucky, creative commenter who tells us which of the Marc Jacobs handbags from is his/her favorite, and why. The most inventive comment wins, so be sure to let your one-of-a-kind style shine. Even tell us where you would wear your handbag, and what you would wear it with.

History of Mark Jacobs Handbags

Marc Jacobs, the renowned designer, has received many honors in the competitive fashion world, such as "The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent," in 1987, making him the youngest designer ever to receive the distinction.

His designs are always unique, daring and inspirational. His creative vision currently ranges from menswear to, of course, handbags. Marc Jacobs handbags are unique works of art, both stylish yet functional, ranging from the evening clutch to oversized tote bags. Even his more classic designs are distinguished for their outstanding craftsmanship and well-crafted materials. PLUS, he's freaking hot. Did you see him in the Nars anniversary pic? Gah, I die.

They are the kind of bags that you want to rub your face on a little bit. You've certainly seen enough of them on here to know that I love them a little bit and do silly things like blow my entire income tax refund even though I ought to save that money on them. I've been carrying the Hillier Hobo for-ever, so when ShopBop gave me the chance to offer this to you, you know I was down.

What would you wear with your pick from Marc Jacobs handbags?

From traditional black to vibrant, colorful designs, there are Marc Jacobs handbags suited for any style and occasion. But what really matters is which of these handbags you prefer; with so many choices, it's a tough decision. If you win this giveaway, you'll receive a $100 instant gift card so you can get started on shopping for your new piece of art immediately. Just tell us which of the Marc Jacobs handbags you absolutely can't live without, and why. The most creative comment will win, so be daring like Marc Jacobs himself and show off your style!

I'm so excited for someone to win this. While not as dope as a free handbag, a $100 instant gift card makes these bags an investment worth making (bull, bear, economy, money market, blah).

marc jacobs handbags

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sara said...

my favorite of the marc by marc jacobs bags on topshop is the "pretty nylon printed tate tote" because it looks like this big-ass albino crocodile that i met in san francisco this past summer. for real, bro was huge. his name was claude and had just returned to the academy of sciences after his g/f bonnie bit his foot. poor guy. i felt for him, you know? no one likes being bitten, especially when you're a croc. you're supposed to do the biting. anyway, this tote reminds me of my faux french friend.

maybe if i won this gift card and bought that bag, i would go back to san fran and show claude that i'm just like him. it's all about camaraderie. i'd pair it with a matching ivory turtleneck. yeah, i'd basically dress up like an albino crocodile to make my new friend comfortable. he's been hurt by the one he loves, he needs a friend.

Faith J. said...

The Classic Q Drawstringy Satchel in the grape color is my fave. I’d be stompin' with it in Frye’s Matilda button tall boots, and a black dress like Milly’s column cashmere dress.

In this getup, I would go out and save some kittens from an abandoned building, I'd pile them all in the Satchel and bring them home.

Hey, if fashion isn't FUN, then why bother?


K K said...

I wish I had some awesome croc story, but I didn't even know SF had a zoo, since my time there is spent eating and drinking. However, I do have a favorite bag, the Paisley Owl Shopper. Some people say I look like an owl, but that's debatable, what's not is that I'm drawn to owls, is it because I like me so much? Maybe. Wherever my owl attraction stems from is not as relevant here, what is relevant is this awesome bag. Unlike other totes, which often look cheap, this one is cute in a classy way, which means I can actually take it to the office, and everywhere else.

I can already envision myself with this bag, in my black pullover dress, and newly purchased low-heeled cowboy boots. OR. Dark jeans, and an orange "announcing fall" sweater with my brown suede boots. And of course my cute owl Betsy Johnson sunglasses, or sky blue umbrella on a rainy day. Ah, a truly adorable vision.

Kathy said...

My favorite is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Tote because Nicole is on it. Though I miss the sexy bitch, this hot bag will help me tote around my love until I find her and it matches beautifully with my Cole Haan Peyton Boots.

annalene said...

My favorite is the Pretty Nylon Tate tote in Parsnip Multi. Why? Because at 30% off its a very affordable $138.60... and nothing looks and feels better than a quality piece at a price that feels like a steal! And with another $100 off, only $38.60... that just seems all sorts of wrong (but oh so right?). Not only is the price right, but the bag is super usable. As a student I'd, only use this, say, 5-7 days out of the week (!) for school. Oh yeah, and until it pretty much falls apart, don't believe me? Tell that to my $10 Marc by Marc Jacobs special items tote being held together by mere threads (hey, at least distressing IS in style).

I love the print on the bag (just look at the close up on Shopbop, its adorable), it would fare well paired with anything from a nice boho styled floral babydoll to a classic slouchy tee with cut off jeans shorts.. or even the (gasp) dreaded sweatpants and sweatshirt.. but lets just hope that pairing doesn't occur (though as a full time student I can't make any promises)!

Thank you so much for the chance to win, keeping my fingers crossed!