Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bringing Sexy Back

I met miss Jules and a couple of her friends last night for dinner and the Sex and the City movie. I couldn't help noticing the pyramid belt Carrie wore in several scenes. I wondered who it was, but it turns out it's vintage. I saw some links to Hot Topic on other blogs with the "get the look for less" idea, but please, don't buy that crap. The faux leather looks so cheap, and it looks too much like that punk/emo stage you went through in high school. Don't believe me? Check it out here.

"Sarah Jessica Parker
loved a pyramid-studded 2-inch black vintage belt so much, she nicknamed it 'Roger.' 'I said, "Sarah Jessica, you cannot wear this belt over every single dress," ' Field said." (Quoted from the Chicago Tribune Review. Click to read full story.)

The other thing that I noticed the most in the movie, style-wise, was the handbags. In one of the early scenes, Miss Bradshaw is carrying an Hermes Birkin bag. Now, I can't help but think that this is more Charlotte than Carrie--any thoughts? There was that episode with Lucy Liu where Samantha was trying to get one, but I think that was just a power thing and not a style thing. Of course, Jane Birkin did exhibit a certain spretzatura favored by Carrie, and in that sense the bag fits. There's always the argument though that it's a Birkin; therefore, it's fabulous. And this one was, in a green that looked like a lux skin--croc? Lizard?

Carrie also had what looks like a YSL Tribute Tote
that had the dipped look of the Raspail tote. Of course now I can't find anything like it, although I should mention that the Tribute patent is on sale at the YSL online boutique. If I could in anyway justify a handbag that costs nearly as much as my rent, I would get the grey, but that's not going to happen this month. Besides, May has been all about shoes. Who knows what June holds?

So what did I think of the movie? I wept through the entire thing. I loved it in
the way that I love myself. Poetic, no? No, but different times that I took some "me time" I would make a snack and watch a season of Sex and the City and get lost in their world. Watching it again was like seeing old friends.

(Photo credit: YSL Medium Tribute and Raspail Tote,

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