Sunday, July 19, 2009

Push It--Real Good!

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One of my first graduate classes was Introduction to Magazine Publishing, and in that course, I learned something that I consider frequently: Another meaning for magazine is a storehouse. I think about it as news reports bemoan the failing print industry and dwindling ad pages, etc. While I will always love physical print editions, online magazines seem very smart and current--and they are a great storehouse option.

I've mentioned Fake Magazine previously, but I didn't have a lot of regular online mag reads until I got a lovely email from Amanda at PUSH iT magaazine, an international style magazine. From her email, "The magazine is also Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina's 1st International style magazine mixing the best of the Balkans with the rest of the world."

I don't know much about style in these countries, but from what I've seen in PUSH iT, there are a lot of fun, modern streetstyle, and some kicking dance music. Plus, with their third issue, they realize it's time to get Real!

If you're feeling hot and sweaty and can't be bothered to be fashionable at all--take a look at PUSH iT--minus a few navigation hiccups, you won't be sorry. Due check out my favorite section, "Things We Love This Month."

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