Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fashion Inspiration from Unlikely Sources--Shocked?!

I tossed Women's Health magazine in the cart yesterday at Whole Foods along with bananas and blueberries. (I know, right? I wasn't kidding when I said I've gone through some changes.) I haven't changed that much though.

One of the Style + Beauty Lab section stories jumped out at me "Stylish by Nature." It isn't your typical hippie chic story. In fact it could be a chic, chic story. It also introduced me to an online boutique that I've never visited, which is a feet in and of itself.

What stood out the most?

This Moto Jacket in Cognac $62.

Of course, black is a little more me. (Motorcycle jacket $78)

And you can continue to get in touch with your inner bad ass with this Thumb & Index Ring $30.

OK, maybe you can find a little hippie-chic on the site.

Peace Love World At Peace Crew Fleece $78

If you had over to the site, be sure to check out the celeb style section!

Don't be shocked if get myself a birthday present from here!


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