Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To continue my bag lust, please see!

Matt & Nat are the BOMB for any fashion lover, but an absolute God-send for the vegan fashionista.

They are also on sale today at Rue La La. I'm not crazy about what they're featuring in this sale, but I love that Rue La La is selling Matt & Nat.

It did, however, inspire me to check out the company's newer offerings. Oh yeah, and I fell in love.

I've been heading more toward neutral hued bags, but for some reason I just absolutely adore this. And how long have I been coveting a satchel? Seriously. It's starting to get ridiculous. (My birthday is in March, kthxbye).

1 comment:

Shop It To Me said...

That is the perfect satchel! Love the army green color and medium size. Added plus that Matt & Nat is eco-friendly!

xx Shop It To Me