Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Congratulations to me!

In order to celebrate my recent employment, I took myself on a little shopping spree at H&M for 'work clothes.' I was very happy to hear that there is no dress code at my new job--not that I wear low-rise, spaghetti strap, or bare-midriffs--but I'm happy to hear that I can go with my jeans and blazers uniforms.

I feel like I got a little bit of every trend--peach chiffon blouse, black lace blazer, oversized sleeveless blazer... The only thing that makes me sad was the fact that the prettiest peach chiffon airy knee length skirt was only in a 2 and 4. Maybe I'll check out another H&M, or maybe I'll be ok with the fact that I always wear jeans anyway. I will be going back for shoes though. The shoes were all spot on, and my thing is that I buy H&M (or Bakers, Aldo, TopShop) to actually wear. My nice shoes only see carpet. Well, besides the Miu Miu ballet flats that I 'had' to buy in NYC and wear because my feet were killing.

Pics TK!

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Stephanie said...

yay! can't wait to see these outfits. we have a conservative dress code at my job. no jeans. but i always play it up since i've been there two years. before, i got so much grief about it! now i wear my lamé leggings with a pretty decorative long sleeve tank, a long cardigan, and boots.