Thursday, February 5, 2009

What a fortuitous coincidence!

I planned in early January that I would take a quick weekend trip to NYC. I didn't realize until after I had booked my BoltBus round trip and pod at the Pod Hotel that I was arriving in NYC on the first day of NY Fashion Week. I hesitated for a moment only before submitting my application for press credentials. I was shocked when I didn't get an immediate rejection. Instead, I got a request for samples of my work, business plan, etc. Of course, this request was the day after I got laid off, and instead of figuring out what to send, I spent all of my time on Media Bistro. Ok, long story short, I didn't get press credentials. That being said, I am certainly going to take full advantage of my time in NYC. Any suggestions of shops or snacks not to be missed? Please email me at nicole.d.pittman(at)gmail(dot)com.

I know where one of my last stops will be--St. John's Center at 330 West St for the pop up preview of McQ for Target. More info on

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Anonymous said...

aw...enjoy your time in NYC! though. I don't live there but I went there 3 years ago..and I can't remember much lol....if you come to L.A ..then yes =]

Anonymous said...

or you live L.A?...just Kidding!