Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hooray for Happy Hour!

I know a lot of people will say, "Not another sample sale site!" but Happy Hour is different. How? They offer original content relating to the feautured designers. Pretty cool. Buzzed Weekly is their weekly ezine, and definitely worth perusal.

I kind of love it for the same inexplicable reason I always buy People Style Watch.

Ok, but to blog about this immediately upon hearing about the site from a little birdy, you know there has to be something else up.

Um... Kara JANX sale? Don't mind if a do! Not to hate on Chloe Daul because I love her, but rumor has it (via wikipedia) that Janx would have won Season 2 Project Runway were she not eliminated in the penultimate challenge. I loved her long flowing dresses a bit, even if her personality was quieter than other contestants (Santino?).

Sign up for Happy Hour and check out the limited Kara Janx sale before 09.08.09.
Kara Janx Demi Dress in Eggplant $163.35

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