Friday, September 4, 2009

The OUTNET Going, going, gone sale!

Have you experienced a Going, Going, Gone sale? It's amazing and nerve wracking. I'm watching a Marc by Marc navy blue bag right now. The sale set up is kind of a reverse auction. As you watch, the price slowly drops--you have to snap it up before it's sold out though! I watched a Chloe wallet get down to $200 without making a move and POOF! All gone. So this purse is superb and I'm a little in love because I've been mixing navy blue and black a lot lately, and I like how this would mix in with my black pieces.

The best part of the web site though? The BOSS button!
Boss coming? Click the BOSS button and get this!
Good for the Friday LOLs.
EDIT: The lucky shopper who got this was not me. Probably better anyway as I don't have $268.76 to spend on a purse right now!
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