Thursday, July 10, 2008

To the Haters

Rocking that sequined shirt--I couldn't find a picture of it on Polyvore, but this is how I would rock that sequined T-shirt.


Amber said...

THAT sequined shirt you can rock. the other one i'm afraid would rock people into a severe coma, where they'd have nightmares of living in a world of reflective surfaces.

Nicole said...

I do have to admit, that the other T-shirt gets a little uglier each time I look at it, but I feel like I should be fiercely stubborn about the issue. I am, therefore, buying the sequin T-shirt and wearing it to your wedding.

J/k, but be warned, my dress does have some sequins. They're matte.

Laurel said...

Nicole! Thank you for the encouraging shoe comment - I can't stop thinking about those Margiela's. They were too STUPID AWESOME to pass up! I'm calling Barney's ASAP.

That sequined shirt is rocking - I love how cluttered it is, it gives it such a great personality. DO IT - and wear it to my wedding, bahahahaha.


Amber said...

don't encourage her!!