Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Dream Man Dresses

I've been online shopping and getting addicted to! If you're on, add me! I've made a few outfits. Here is my latest one...

My Dream Man would wear fedoras, dark fitted jeans that were the perfect length, and shoes that don't suck. He'd also be clean and wear Old Spice Red Zone deodorant. I tried to upload that image, but polyvore wouldn't have it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I want you so bad

Ughhh...these beautiful Boosted Stiloso Rojo Headphones are backordered. I can't find it anywhere online and I want them on my head while I commute to work! Soon, I will make these mine!

Source from

In the meantime, I purchased this lovely necklace and owl ring. The harmonica necklace reminds me of a recent favorite movie, Broken English. It's in a deleted scene, but when the character Julien plays with her harmonica necklace, I swooned.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Outfit today, kind of. . .

Here is kind of what I'm wearing today. Of course, I'm not wearing the actual Dior Extreme Gladiator Sandals, but rather the Bakers version, and the leather vest I have is a random one I picked up on sale at MNG. This is the See by Chloe dress that I bought from the Gilt Group sale though.

Gilt Group Sale

As soon as I hit publish on my last post I got an email for today's Gilt Group sale--Hollywould! If I could justify any more purchases, I would investigate these beauties:

ideeli sale

Beautiful leather bags on sale now at for invite!

Sorry for the lack of updates on my end; summer school will be over in about three weeks! Afterward I will post the variety of online bargains I've taken advantage of and what I've been wearing lately.

On a personal note: I'm moving in September! The apartment three walk in closets!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I <3 Accessories

Actually, it's pretty gross at the obscene amount of accessories I own in my collection and they range in style. I own so many accessories that I constantly forget about. Now, I've added more! I went a little overboard at Forever21's website today. I bought $136.17 dollars worth of lovely things to put my outfit together. My style is pretty obvious by the accessories I fall in love with.

I'm pretty stocked about my ebay win on the Casio watch. I have a plain black standard digital Casio watch, a plain gold metal standard digital Casio watch, a black rubber digital calculator Casio watch, and now...a silver metal digital calculator Casio watch! It's shipping from Hong Kong, but I will rock it hard when I get it in a couple of weeks. Yes, I'm a huge nerd. I do calculations on my watch because I'm terrible at math.

What I purchased on my Sunday evening:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Rompers: A-OK by Santogold, A-OK by me!

The other day Nicole admitted to me that she bought a romper on ebay. At first I was skeptical about the Return of the Romper to modern-day fashion, but then I saw this Santogold video (here on YouTube) and was totally convinced.

Also, this video gets pretty wacky cool about half-way through with green sausage intestines and red ribbon blood.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gilt Group Sale

I'm super excited to check out the pretty Walter clothes on-sale at noon (EST) at Gilt Group.
Email me for an invite.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hunting and Gathering

I took a break from reading Sunday night to see Hunting and Gathering at the MFA (featuring Audrey Tautou!), which along with the crepe I had for lunch (with berries and vanilla ice cream!), was a perfect way to gear up for Bastille Day. Here's another Polyvore replica of what I wore (my shoes were actually brown flat sandals from Benetton last year and my scarf was navy with white stars from Mango):

Tank: American Apparel Classic Vest
Shorts: > Lux Herringbone Denim Short
Sandals: Steve Madden Azucar (Brown Leather) - Casual Sandals
Scarf: Dark Blue Cotton Lurex Star Print Scarf
Purse: Foley and Corinna Glazed Leather City Tote - Shoes & Handbags -

P.S. I finally got my Foley+Corinna purse for! Yea!

Sleep deprivation

Last Monday marked the first day of my last class of graduate school, so updates may become sparse as most of my free time will be spent reading aboout the American experience in Paris (not too painful!). I felt super cute Friday night, but I was running too late to get an outfit picture. Here's a close replica via polyvore. The James Perse T-shirt dress is the same that I have, but I wore it with a brown leather vest from Mango, Zara heels (gladiator?), the necklaces and cuff I always wear, and a small orange clutch that I bought at that C.O. Bigelow Anniversary Party.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fashion of our Fathers

I might need to buy a new dress to go with this veil style I just discovered.

(Photos courtesy of Vintage Wedding Photos)

Thursday, July 10, 2008 and I are having an affair

Maybe if they didn't charge like $50 for vests! They're obvy flirting though, check out the women's apparel splash page.

Sunglasses: handbags for your face

According to this NYT article, sunglasses are the new handbags. People are spending more $$ on designer brands for their faces than for over their shoulders. Why? "It-bag fatigue," the article says. "Women have bought more bags in recent years than they can store in their closets."

So it's not just Nicole. There seems to be a nationwide movement to de-clutter. I, for one, have fantasies about getting rid of everything and moving into one of these:

But like, a girl's gotta have SOME shoe storage. Let's be reasonable here.

So will I be spending $350 on this luxury accessory? No, because I'll probably sit on them. You can sit on a designer bag and chances are the bag will be ok. You can sit on designer jeans and they actually like it! Besides, wouldn't you have to buy a new bag to put all your new sunglasses in, anyway?

(Photo credits: sunglasses -; tiny pre-fab house -

To the Haters

Rocking that sequined shirt--I couldn't find a picture of it on Polyvore, but this is how I would rock that sequined T-shirt.

Redonk Saks Sales

With the heat and humidity, all I've been wanting lately are easy, breezy dresses. I found a couple in the Saks sale for under $40. I won't be ordering them, but given the opportunity, I had to say Saks and under $40 in the same sentence. The black dress is actually on sale for $30.80, and it's a little more refined than that sequined T-shirt that no one but me likes. Maybe pair it with an antique brooch?

(Photo credit:

Good Ol' Timey Things: Brooches and Lockets

I love the way I feel when I wear an antique brooch -- instant classiness. I like them on cardigans, jackets, and dresses. I'm scouring ebay and LA flea markets for more special pieces, as well as some interesting lockets. Perhaps as gifts for my bridesmaids? : ) (Pictured: two of my fiance's grandma's brooches)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 Alice+Olivia

I am undecided as to whether or not I will shop with again. They are notorious for taking a month and a half to mail purchased items. I haven't heard a peep about the gorgeous Foley+Corinna purse I ordered. Humf. There are some cute Alice+Olivia items that are almost tempting. If I were going to shop, what would I buy?Sequins much? Yeah, I don't know either. I feel like I need a little pizazz!

Today's Sale

Sonia Rykiel sale starts: 1:40 PM EDT; email if you'd like an invite to I won't be trying for anything today, but there are definitely some cute shoes.

MBMJ Fall 2008 Trunk Show at

Amber brought up a good point that it's not too early to be making Christmas wishlists, so here are a few piece from the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 Trunk Show on that I find delightful. I may have to investigate the Twill Vest Jacket further. . .

Richard Chai for Target

I've come to the sad realization that I may have to pair down my wardrobe. Why? Because I have no bedroom floor. That's right, this petite demoiselle is trés désordonée. I'm inspired by Onomatopoeia's post on cleaning out her closet. Check her out at Soir-de-fete. While I will henceforth try to limit my purchases (I was super good for about two days), I think one of the most important things is careful editing. Therefore, I will carefully select one or two items from the Richard Chai for Target collection, like the slouchy blue blazer. Check it out the collection at Racked LA (coming in August to a Target near you).

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I ♥ Fake Magazine (NSFW?)

Many of you may remember when LiveJournal was the bees' knees. Maybe you even still have a LiveJournal? It's how I met Miss Stephanie, and for that I am always grateful. Another person from my secret/not-so-secret LiveJournal past is Miss Jolijn Snijders. I have always admired her work be it photography, vector, makeup, and I am very excited to 'flip' through the latest issue of her online magazine, I ♥ Fake Magazine. Find it online at only has 5 minutes to save the world.

If you are not a member, email me, and I will send you an invite. If you have a little extra pocket money, this Gerard Darel Midday Barcelona is $180 off--making it still $695. Yikes, I'm out.

I'm sorry; I had to.

Now $5 off at

Sunday, July 6, 2008

And movie inspiration strikes again!

So earlier this week, I watched the movie Brick with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Aside from the lead actress (Nora Zehetner) dressing incredibly awesome, I must admit that I've developed an odd attraction for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He's sexy in a very understated way. My netflix queue has all his movies at the top of my list. I've probably seen the movie at least 15 times this week. The ending scene was clenching. Nora Zehetner looked amazing in her 1940s inspired outfit. The sheer dress, the coat with the fur trimmed collar, the peep toe shoes. I became slightly obsessed with her feather clip, but everywhere I found it online - there weren't many choices - had the price tag of over $35 bucks. I knew I could make it myself. It took about two hours. The next one will be better. I had some challenges since I had to figure out how to make it happen while doing it. But here it handmade feather hair clip:

Friday, July 4, 2008

On the other hand...

I would argue that you can start a Christmas list any time of the year.

(All of these are in the July Anthropologie catalog)

Just Don't It.

I am all in favor of some of the more flattering updated '80s styles, but this cut-off t-shirt from Urban Outfitters? There's a reason the '80s are in the past.

It is a slippery, slippery slope, my friend.

(Photo credit: Urban Outfitters)