Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FYI, Gilt Sunglass Boutique

While taking a quick break to catch up on emails, I decided to head over to my old friend Gilt to see what's on sale. They're currently having a sunglasses sale with three different designers featured. If you're looking for shades, Fabien Baron has some modern classics worth a glance including a plastic aviator and a wayfarer style (both $108).

The real excitement, however, is the Derek Lam optical glasses for $78. Take them to your eye doctor and get your prescription put in these, because they're cute, and you aren't going to find designer eyewear there for under $100. Purple, raspberry, and gray colored frames available.

Sorry for lack of photo evidence; working on a PC and grandma's confused.

Oh, and for my masochistic readers, they're having a Chloe sale, too. Beautiful florals, draping, colors--nothing under $200. No shoes though, so I'll sleep at night without buying something from this sale.

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