Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shop It To Me Thursday!

There are a lot of good items in my Shop It To Me Sale Mail alert, but many were still out of my price range. had a couple of super cute Alexander Wang pieces, including the Thermal Shorts that were all the rage.

Alexander Wang Thermal Shorts on sale for $130.90 at

While I dream of how comfortable I know these are, I still can't justify that price. (Easier than the original $187, but still not cheap enough.)

I really like this Marc by Marc Jacobs take on the classic trench--nice collar and tiger print--but at $369.60 (on sale at, it's still a little too rich for my blood. Especially since I'm very happy with my collection of trench coats.

Finally, there's something about these Frye Billy Pull On boots that are calling to me. Maybe it's my Appalachian upbringing. At $187 I know they're a good price--nice cowboy boots can be expensive*--I still can't do it. Maybe you can?

Frye Billy Pull On Boots $187 at

I'm going to investigate this I haven't been on here much, but the sale section seems good. They have a couple of pairs of Melissa shoes for under $50!

Melissa Joy+Ah Oxfords $49 at

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Alice X said...

really? those thermal underwear thingys are all the rage and for 100 bucks? wow alex w is overhyped in my humble opinion. i love those gold shoes though:)