Friday, March 20, 2009

It's me, Amber

Listen, I know 95% of my blog posts are about Anthropologie clothes, but somebody's got to cover that beat, right?

OK so I got a little raise at work and I was thinking I'd go ahead and take a look, and Anthropologie usually makes me happy but rarely surprises me. But I actually had a couple of "what the...?" reactions last night.

For example:

"What the...?" right? But then you see them on the model and you're like "oh, ok."

And THEN, you see this dress and you're all like "How did Anthropologie get in my dreams??" and you go to the store to try it on even though your raise wasn't THAT big.Orquidea Dress: $228

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Fashion Is Poison said...

i love the bubble skirt!