Thursday, March 12, 2009

Twittle me this...Or What I Would Buy Thursday

Yes, I just made up a word, but who doesn't when talking about Twitter? All those twits and tweets and RT @so-and-so.

Recently I took to my twitter page wondering if anyone would pay 5x retail for a pair of shoes that he/she was Obsessed with. I was thinking about this of course, due to the hunt for my white whale, which has left me like Ahab, debt. I'm not complaining though, because I am a winner.

The only response I received was from a dear friend, KL Pereiera, stating she would if the shoes were Campers. I chuckled because we definitely had some nervous conversations about spending on those comfy kicks. I then though, however, that I haven't been in to Camper lately. After today's SaleMail, however, I see that I just haven't been looking very hard.

So in KL's honor, here are some awesome Campers shoes. I'm really thinking about getting the pelota sneakers with the black patent details as I had a similar pair that were pink and black, and I wore them until they literally had holes in the sole and were falling apart.

And of course, no KL-themed post would be complete without this.

Lucky Brand Jeans David Bowie T-shirt on sale for $22.50.

TONS of Campers on sale at


KL said...

OMG. That website is FABULOUS! My obsession is fed AND I can almost afford to buy.

Please note though that the patent leather detailing on the pic above is for the men's shoe. The women's patent pelota is actually not as cute. =(

Glendy said...

OMG I LOOVVEEE David Bowie I have so many dress t-shirts with his face O.O

Much love,

Ida said...

Strangely enough, I don't usually get obsessed with super expensive shoes. I kind of think to myself 'that's out of my league', and forget about it eventually only to focus on something else, and hopefully affordable:)