Monday, February 23, 2009

This is just ridiculous.

Sorry for the lack of posts. Will amend that soon. Until then, check out the absurdity that is my white whale.

Don't worry, Mom, I'm not the high bidder.

Edit: Yes, these are the Sam Edelmans, not the Balenciagas. They ended up going for that price I think. I'm still on the lookout, but right now the only sizes on eBay are 8 1/2 and 9.

Good luck, friends.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Congratulations to me!

In order to celebrate my recent employment, I took myself on a little shopping spree at H&M for 'work clothes.' I was very happy to hear that there is no dress code at my new job--not that I wear low-rise, spaghetti strap, or bare-midriffs--but I'm happy to hear that I can go with my jeans and blazers uniforms.

I feel like I got a little bit of every trend--peach chiffon blouse, black lace blazer, oversized sleeveless blazer... The only thing that makes me sad was the fact that the prettiest peach chiffon airy knee length skirt was only in a 2 and 4. Maybe I'll check out another H&M, or maybe I'll be ok with the fact that I always wear jeans anyway. I will be going back for shoes though. The shoes were all spot on, and my thing is that I buy H&M (or Bakers, Aldo, TopShop) to actually wear. My nice shoes only see carpet. Well, besides the Miu Miu ballet flats that I 'had' to buy in NYC and wear because my feet were killing.

Pics TK!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I can't help it!

Every time I see a headline about the VPL show, all I can think about is Visible Panty Line.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Erickson Beamon for Target

I was through the roof when I heard about this. I looooooove Erickson Beamon, but I always found their prices prohibitive. Oh, but now...

Alexander Wang Fall 09 via The Cut

WWD, you're such a tease!

Saw a WWD Headline mentioning Sir Philip Green conversing with Alexander Wang--they speculate about a TopShop/Alexander Wang collaboration--can you imagine?!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sale Mail! Or, what I would be buying.

Oh MAN! An amazing amount of sale items came to my inbox this morning via Shop It To Me Sale Mail alerts. If you haven't signed up, go, do! Shop It To Me

Now for the goodies!

These boots took my breath away. I'm seriously thinking about getting them if I get back from NYC with any cash left. Or maybe I'll get them anyway? Beautiful. DKNY Lace Up Boot at for $142.50!

Next up? A beautiful Robert Rodriguez Diamond Back Double Knit Dress for $118.80 at ShopBop. I. love. this. Enough to use gratuitous periods, something I know Amber does not approve of. First, the double knit, which I love because the thicker material lies a little bit better (especially nice if you have Spanx underneath. I'm just saying. I would wear this with the black tights, but with some fierce ankle booties--maybe the studded Colin Stuart ones? Then, BAM! Look at the back of the dress. It is seriously sexy without revealing too much. Well, if I could figure out some kind of bra to wear with it...

I've had my eye on this hoodie for quite some time. I'd love to wear it with my Marc by Marc Chrissie skinny jeans and the above DKNY boots! The oversized shape is such a great play on proportion, and the Mineral Blue is a similar shade to the royal blue I saw everywhere on Newbury Street yesterday. Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Fall Tracks' Zip Front Hoodie $109.90 at Nordstrom.

I would love to have this Vince Women's Taffeta Dirndl Skirt (on sale at cut so short it's just barely appropriate. I think it'd be really fun take on the full mini trend and wearing taffeta is SO much fun.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Does anyone else remember?

I've been thinking all morning about the royal blue sweater Danny buys D.J. for Valentine's Day in the Little Shop of Sweaters episode of Full House (Season 2, Episode 14). I can find all kinds of summaries of that episode, but no images or video clips.

It all started when I was lying awake after receiving a wrong number call. I was thinking about different things I'd like to buy in NYC, then about Stephanie Tanner seeing the sign at the mall that claimed "Buy Now, Pay Later," which inspired her to take a replacement sweater for D.J. after hers is shredded by the lawnmower at school.

The episode is relavent for so many reasons--shredded sweater reminiscent of Alexander Wang SS09? Royal blue seen on so many at recent award shows? Valentine's Day? People misunderstanding credit? Ok, the last one is a stretch, but you see what I mean.

(Alexander Wang Baggy Long Sleeve Sweater at ShopBop; Amy Adams via Mahalo Fashion)

In case you were wondering, I'm pretty sure the sweater in the episode was $80, and if I buy now pay later, I will be using a credit card and not shoplifting!


Now on Twitter, username ndpittman.

Just in time for my trip to NYC.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What a fortuitous coincidence!

I planned in early January that I would take a quick weekend trip to NYC. I didn't realize until after I had booked my BoltBus round trip and pod at the Pod Hotel that I was arriving in NYC on the first day of NY Fashion Week. I hesitated for a moment only before submitting my application for press credentials. I was shocked when I didn't get an immediate rejection. Instead, I got a request for samples of my work, business plan, etc. Of course, this request was the day after I got laid off, and instead of figuring out what to send, I spent all of my time on Media Bistro. Ok, long story short, I didn't get press credentials. That being said, I am certainly going to take full advantage of my time in NYC. Any suggestions of shops or snacks not to be missed? Please email me at nicole.d.pittman(at)gmail(dot)com.

I know where one of my last stops will be--St. John's Center at 330 West St for the pop up preview of McQ for Target. More info on

Click image to view larger
Image credit:

Smart, wicked smart.

As someone who is looking for a magazine type publishing job, I would love to work for something like's Notes online magazine. I got an email this afternoon with some familiar names (Wu! Wang!), so I headed to the site to check it out.
Click the link or image to see it for yourself. I know that in some ways this is just marketing, but it's so well designed and executed. Game, set, match.

Gilt Pour La Victoire selling out fast!

Oh, the beautiful Pour La Victoire shoes currently on sale at

Pour La Victoire Sybil $128.

Pour La Victoire Felicia $108

Weekly feature?

I don't have any regularly themed post, but I'm thinking of changing that. Inspired by Queen Michelle's Job Shop Style posts, welcome to the things I would buy if I were not laid off. Maybe I'll get to do interview style soon, too! Maybe?

Thanks to Shop it to Me, these wonderful sale items landed straight in my inbox.
Elizabeth and James Draped Back Tee now $47.50 (from $90) at ShopBop. Funny enough I was looking at this when I was looking at Elizabeth and James on Neiman Marcus for a previous post. I saw this, but I thought, $90! Now I can say for sure if I weren't trying to save money (and if I were a size M) I would be buying this.

Another Elizabeth and James no brainer?

Elizabeth and James Pleated Pencil Skirt $109.90 (from $275!) at

For some reason, I cannot get enough of ladylike jackets. This Marc by Marc Jacobs is still pricey at $170.90, but that's a lot cheaper than the original $428.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Honeycomb Jacquard Jacket at

Ombre is a trend that I think is here to stay for spring. (I read it in a magazine, but I can't remember which one. May days have become a magazine perusing haze...). This cardigan is so me!

Vince Dip-Dye Split Neck Cashmere Cardigan $147.50 (from previous reduction $177, originally $295) at

Click on the image or the link after to go to the page.

Monday, February 2, 2009

These, too.

I also saw these took a lot of control not to buy them.

Nine West Lawrence $79 available at in several colors.

I can still look, right?

I was running errands yesterday, including picking up a pair of jeans that I had hemmed at Barneys, so I decided to do a little window shopping. I browsed Neiman Marcus where I saw what appeared to be spring looks for Elizabeth and James. Now, readers, you may recognize that I've been a bit of a nut for Elizabeth and James as of late, but I didn't see anything I liked at all. Nor do I understand the safari or coral trends featured in this collection.

I saw the second t-shirt in black and fell in love with the soft fabric, but I couldn't help thinking, where's the other sleeve?

What do you think of the spring trends?

Elizabeth and James Chiffon Eva Dress $385 and One-Shoulder Tee $90 at