Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not the laziest vegan in the world, but close.

From Candle Cafe's Facebook
For most of my life I've heard that I'm lazy. It's not entirely inaccurate. It certainly is something that I have a proclivity toward and something at which I excel. I wouldn't say that I'm the laziest vegan in the world, and not because that title has already been taken,  but it's been a common thread in my life. In fact, I'm kind of convinced I should have been born a cat.

Ok, so what does laziness have to do with "la bonne vie?" Well, sometimes the good life is comfort food, and sometimes (often) I'm too lazy to cook. Enter Candle Cafe macaroni and vegan cheese frozen entree. Creamy, topped with a sprinkle of Daiya, it definitely hit the spot on this chilly autumn day. The serving is a bit small, but the noodles are good, and it's all warm and melty.

This is my first time trying one of Candle Cafe's frozen entrees, but I was definitely tempted to get it after reading a review. After seeing a $1 off coupon in Whole Food's Whole Deal Newsletter and a $1 coupon on the package, I decided to buy it for a rainy day, and I'm glad I did. I probably won't buy this regularly, but I will certainly buy it again.

That is, if I'm not too lazy.

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