Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shop It To Me: What I Want Thursday

I don't always open my Sale Mail on Thursday, but sometimes I'll do a cursory glance. It's not that I don't think Shop it to Me is doing a good job, it's that I'm a bit bored with fashion right now. There is one trend that I can get behind though, and I know it'll make you laugh.
Alice and Olivia at
Palazzo pants. That's right, Palazzo pants. High-waisted ones at that. One of my favorite things to wear in high school was this teal pair of palazzo pants that I inherited from my mom. I'd wear them with a teal and periwinkle tye-dyed T-shirt. Yes, it was as awesome/atrocious as it sounds. Sometimes I'd tie on a little practice ballet skirt that a friend gave me. I wonder if there were such a thing as fashion blogs then, if I would have been Tavi before Tavi was the Style Rookie. Actually, I think this was before Tavi was born. Yikes. Let's not go there.

These days wide-legged trousers like these and a fitted button down shirt a la Katherine Hepburn is very elegant look, pretty far removed from my hippie-dippy past and the bohemian trend that seems to never, ever die.

Also in my Sale Mail today is this wallet from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I am not particularly obsessed with it by any means, but I was intrigued when I saw the description as "faux leather." Yes. This. More vegan-friendly Marc by Marc, please. Thanks.
 'Animal Q' at in Black Multi 
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Glenda W. Mann said...

Who can say that they don't love the Palazzo Pants! I love its style, just like the sexy jumpsuits from Boutiqueken, so stylish and girlie!

Marie E. Botkin said...

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