Monday, December 1, 2008

Aw, where to begin...

First, can we talk about how amazing tonight's Gossip Girl was? I'd like to say for the record, I think Lilly was in an institution because of some kind of post-partum disorder, and she either was forced by her mother to abort Rufus's baby, or she had to give the baby up.

Second, what was the deal with Lil J's makeup. Srsly, grrl. I don't even have HD. In fact, my TV has a tube. Yet that pancake makeup was like, BAM! Exhibit A:

Girlfriend is MATTE. I'm loving the goth prom vibe though.

The best dressed of the night though obvs has to go to Mr. Chuck Bass. Are you kidding me? Where can I get that sequined blazer. I know where to find the perfect leggings to match!

Then I'd get a headband and a little bow tie so Chuck would fall in love with me.

Err... Mmm...J/k?

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