Saturday, December 6, 2008

What do you mean you don't have a spare $2000?

On sale now at Gilt, Gumuchian. I love aquamarine jewelry, but if Wilson freaked because I almost spent $100 on jeans, I don't know what he'd say about this.

Yes, that is right--I was caught in the act! I thought I was safe in the computer room, but Wilson took a break from his telenovela to come see what I was doing.

Note, eLuxury is having a sale--25% off sale items, making these jeans $105. They're the Marc by Marc Jacobs skinny Chrissie jeans, the coated ones...that I love...

My question is, can I get coated jeans hemmed? It doesn't seem like the easiest material to work with, but if I did buy these, I would get them hemmed. And I would possibly wear them everyday. Just saying.

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