Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chubby girls and knee high boots

I keep seeing over the knee boots, and I waaaaaant them, but given my fine German heritage and strong, milk-fed West Virginia upbringing I just don't know if they'll work. I wish I could find these beauties in a brick and mortar store so I could try them on (see if I can get them passed my ankle). Does anyone have experience with muscular legs and these kind of boots?

(Report Signature Shoes Fairfax Over the Knee Boot at

Edit: I might see if they have a pair at Urban Outfitters on Saturday when I do my Christmas shopping. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to get for anyone, but I'm looking forward to spending the day looking.

(Corsair Leather Over the Knee Boot at Urban

I just wish the heel was a tad higher.


Veronica said...

I know J. Crew has extended calf sizes but they don't have over-the-knee boots, sadly :o/

Nicole said...

I've tried those, actually! They were really weird, still tight at the ankle, with a weird extra pouch for the calf. My legs are kind of the same straight down from the thighs, like cankles, but all the way from the hip. Maybe I should just get waders? That could be cool, right?