Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Review of Hayes Valley Shopping, San Francisco

Thanks for the comments and recommendations on NYC! I think I've figured out my sleeping arrangements. I found a couple of lovely sublets in the Upper West Side for under $500 dollars during my whole stay! New York City...here I come! Okay, back to fashion...

I've been shopping recently and spending money on things I cannot afford. Mainly winter basics, amazing coats and jackets, and fun jewelry. I feel and look fabulous despite the sadness coming from my wallet pockets. My most recent trip to Hayes Valley in San Francisco proved to be fruitful. My first stop was to Acrimony, which carries amazing hard to find pieces and upcoming designers. I was instantly drawn to a beautiful coat with gold buttons and a wool hood. They are currently having a 50% off sale. The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. Returns are only exchangeable for store credit. Keep that in mind. The next stop was Honey Ryder, an totally fantastic little boutique with great designer pieces. The owner, Annie is sweet and personable. The store had a lovely fragrant smell. The store was also having a 30% off sale on anything over $50 dollars. I was instantly attracted (I keep saying that, don't I?) to a beautiful vermeil ring by the LA designer, Pade Vavre. Incidentally, I could not find a photo online but it is an adjustable ring with pyrite shape rock on the top. I also purchased a sterling silver branch necklace by the designers of Jib and Genoa.

Next time, I'm going to dedicate a whole day to shopping in Hayes Valley. I'll have my lady friend with me and a wallet pocket full of money. I know I'll come out feeling and looking fabulous.

Now, later in the evening, I was looking up some jewelry by Pade Vavre and I found these amazing Peach Gold Diamond Quartz Studs. I cannot stop thinking about them. If only I had $880 dollars to spend on these beautiful earrings.

Pade Vavre Peach Gold Diamond Quartz Studs

Pade Vavre Peach Gold Diamond Quartz Studs

I also wouldn't mind getting the Herkimer Quartz Drop Necklace either. A whole week of unpaid vacation to New York doesn't help me get these pieces...

Oh well, onward to new adventures!

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