Friday, June 6, 2008

Dare to dream

The perfect black capris. For a short girl with low knees (yes, low knees), these seemed like a mythical object. I'd seen them on other girls, but attempts on my part always ended up with me feeling a little less than feminine. That is, until I needed to grab a pair of pants to wear on the lower half of my body with all the shirts I was trying on at Anthropologie one day.

They were the perfect length, hitting just at the bottom of the kneecap, and more importantly, the perfect silhouette: slim all the way through to the end, like a good pair of jeans but made of cotton and shorter. I kept them on for a good 20 minutes and loved them more with each passing second. This isn't the best photo of them, but they actually made me look like that model. Still, this wasn't a purchasing trip, and seeing as how the capris cost $148, I brokenheartedly left them behind.

For 3 weeks I dreamed about them--what outfits I could create, what they'd look like with a great pair of heels or, during that one week where it's cold in LA, boots. Nicole told me I should go back if they were affecting me so much. So I did. The love was as strong as ever. And, of course, the price tag was as discouraging as ever.

Now, normally I would buy them, let myself feel that minute of guilt that I believe cancels out about $100 off any bill, and move on with my perfect-capri-filled life. But you see I'm planning a wedding this summer, and man alive are those things expensive. Once again I left them behind. This was The Smart Thing To Do.

So, weeks later, I'm still dreaming about them. Fortunately, I was able to find a worthy alternative at the Banana Republic outlet store for whatever 30% off of $40 is. They're the same length and close to the same fit, with a great panel waist that comes just above my bellybutton, and the clincher: a side zipper that leaves a nice clean palette across the front. I love them, but in the way you love the boy Baby Surprise doll.

Let me just finish this post with a discussion of the perfect black capri accessory: a bicycle. I've got to get a picture of this. There are lots of girls who ride their bikes around Pasadena, and I get little girl-crushes on them every time I see them. Well, that is all! Thanks to Nicole for adding me as a contributor! Hopefully I can bring a little somethin' to this party :)

(Photo credit: Anthropologie)