Sunday, June 15, 2008


It's cold in San Francisco that your cheeks take at least 10 minutes to warm up. I went to the record store because I had nothing else to do. I picked up a couple of cds (DJ-Kicks: Erlend Oye, Kings of Convenience: Versus, a couple of Yo La Tengo cds) and two dvds. I was waiting in line on the second floor which was out of my way because a cute guy with a beard, dark messy hair, and glasses was a cashier. I saw him earlier when I was picking up some movies and cds, but I didn't say anything. I stood in line in hopes that he'd ring me up, say that I had fabulous taste in music and movies, and would ask me to make out with him. But instead, I ended up at the register of a girl. She was nice enough, especially when she asked me what perfume I was wearing because she liked it. My first comment since I've bought it! I told her even though I still feel the shame when I say what it is. 

Then walking down the street, waiting for my public transportation, a lady walks up to me. She asks, "Do you speak Spanish?" in a thick accent. I say no. She points downward. She keeps saying "Macy's?" And at first, I didn't understand so I tried to give her directions to Macy's but she kept shaking her head and pointing downward. Then she said nevermind and she pointed at my shoes and said "bonita."

That...I understood.

Thick purple suede belt - Forever 21? I don't remember.
Heart necklace - H&M
Tank - Old Navy
Black a-line pleated knee length skirt - H&M
Gray wool socks - H&M
Patent leather pumps - Payless



great mary jane pumps!!

Taghrid said...

i love the socks!