Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hello, Lover.

Sad to be missing out on the French soldes? The darling La Coquette has informed her readers of Département Féminin's worldwide shipping. Oh the Lanvin ballet flats to be had! Unfortunately, I seem to have a very popular size. (Sizes 7 and 9 are currently available.) It's probably for the best, but there is only one thing that I lust after more than a yellow pair of ballet flats--nude! I've seen so many pictures of Angelina Jolie in nude ballet flats, and I can't help thinking that they look so effortlessly chic.

(Photo credit: Fab Sugar)

Update: Size 7 and 9 in the nude flats; they do have a size 8 in white snake skin flats, but those aren't exactly a bargain.

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Beka said...

Those are wonderful! That's not a bad idea. They might make my legs look stubby, however. :)