Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You didn't think I left empty-handed?

My first dressing room shot! Yea! After meeting Lara, I was walking out through Copley to the train, when I spotted the sale sign in Karen Millen. Truth be told, I've never gone in this store, but the party dresses in the window combined with the sale sign?

I rifled quickly through the sales racks, when I happened upon this delightful little vest. Now, I know this blog is new and many of you are new to it, but my latest fashion obsession has been vests. And with the built in layering--how could I pass it up? I probably won't wear it with a blouse like this as it seems a little stuffy, but I'm super excited to try it on with a tissue-thin v-neck T. Prepare for the fabulosity.

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Runaway Gallery said...

I think that vest is great!