Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun with purses

You may have noticed the striking handbag the suited gentleman was wearing in my last post. No? Huge, Chanel?

The other day on the train I sat next to a man carrying a Cole Haan village satchel in lavender. It was kind of amazing in that he was otherwise dressed kind of casually in jeans and a polo shirt. He did have on some pretty amazing white suede loafers though.

What do you think of men making the cross over from murse/man-bag to full out purse?


emily said...

good for him! i've never understood how men did it without purses, because i can't seen to find one BIG enough to hold all of the things i need to carry about town (umbrella, flip flops/band-aids, 12-pack of Bass, my cat, the usual...). murses are practical, and it's time for men to realize that!

Raquel said...

I recently saw, in the same day, TWO gentlemen carrying Louis Vuitton bags. Granted, they were bigger, satchel-sized bags (one looked like a laptop bag), but they were covered in that classic LV print. They were OWNING it.

My boyfriend carries a murse. It's rugged, but he's proud of it.